Sorry for the absense

I met someone. Its been a long time since i felt this way and while I may pick up the torch again for WS a few months from now, at this particular time I am focusing all my soul to making her happy.
If anyone wants any of my flash programs (.fla & .as files) please just ask and i will send them or just wait and i will post all of them into a torrent which i will seed for as long as i can (though this may be a few days since i am pressed for time here and likely wont have much time the next few days due to her as well as family events.

Thanks again for the loyal followers as well as the people that liked my games and again i apologize i never got out that next stable update.

Its wednesday

I just got home, its 3pm – starting to program now

already fixed 2 odd-ball bugs with the sex system

taking break to eat

back to programming

still debugging – i might have to turn off several functions if i do make this release. I have found 2 major game stoppers which i have narrowed to the lesbian portion of the sex code as well as in my save/load function. I am still debugging

tried to do a runthrough and got another error near the end. Seems to be from the gameover function which wouldnt be surprising since i hadnt tested that yet.

sorry I am spent x.x after a long day of work and 4 good days of programming i need to relax. i have family coming out tomorrow and they will be staying til sunday so i wont be able to do much work the rest of this week, but if you wish to try it i have turned off a lot of functions that were causing trouble – it seems to be decently stable at the moment though still a lot of minor bugs (ie you might get a null for a name every little while) at least the game doesnt crashed.

Again THIS IS NOT THE FULL RELEASE I WANTED – A lot has been turned off – still many odd bugs though most of them are due to me turning off certain functions. let me know what you think of the interface mainly.
As a side note dont make yourself a woman in a mass of males, you will be constantly gangraped… well unless you want too =P

current status

took 3 hours out to do other stuff though i have been working on WS for the rest of the time so far. The good news is i fixed several key things that were causing hangs and errors. The bad is that the bug which was overwriting npcs stats is still there. i thought i had fixed it though it seems to still be popping up for some reason. I think i have it narrowed down though i am testing it at the moment.

I have also started writing the examine function again which isnt as bad as i thought though with the new system i have to put the objects into their own function which does slow me down a bit. Though in the end it will be worth it since i will be able to write one function for an object which contains all the parts (examine, search, use) and place that object in any of the rooms by just placing the object name in, heck of a lot easier this way.

anyways back to trying to find this bug.


found one of the bugs that has been stumping me x.x ….now to see about another i found while looking for that one =P


got a few more things done though im tired x.x its still not 100% though its getting there – i also found where my overwrite bug was coming from and while i quarantined the part of the function causing it i havent actually fixed it yet.
I seem to fix one bug and 3 more pop up x.x its a little annoying

if wednesday comes and the game isnt at least able to be played bug free-ish (ie i can play through without it stopping due to a null loop error) i will release though i didnt anticipate these errors sunday when i made the post

Either way i have work tomorrow so i should get ready for bed – night all

the good and the bad

I have been busy lately, though mostly been watching shows i have missed over the last few months, just havent felt like programming the last two weeks.

The good news is i did some work on WS from 8-12 this morning and got a decent amount done, even figuring out one of the bugs that had me stumped. Though after fixing that one, the program kicked back another. I stopped around noon for food as well as i had to get some cleaning done for my family staying over next week, though got a little sidetracked on a little project i have been putting off since the beginning of summer. Either way i will need about 4 more hours for a decent cleanup which i will do tomorrow and after that i have all day to program some more.

I am HOPING beyond hope to get at least an alpha out so you guys can play around with it, though i make no guarantees.

current time 7pm

wow time flies, though i do too when i really want to program :)
fixed the bug as well as 2 more – GO ME

I can play most of a game without any crashes x.x trying to debug this nasty one though its intermittent (i have debugger running so when it shows itself again i will see whats causing it)
besides that i also forgot all about 2 functions search/examine – these were never rewritten to the new system for some reason x.x probably because there is sooooo much work to them.
So i am taking a new poll – release (once i find this nasty bug) with these turned off and i will work on them while writing all the descriptions for the new sex system or rewrite them now.
Take in mind it wouldnt take me all that long to do them – maybe a day at most. And if you do want me to wait it could be much longer before you get them since I have family coming over wednesday and they are staying til sunday so i wont have time to do them most of next week, whereas i could probably release tuesday/wednesday (if i find this bug x.x)

so 3 options
release ASAP
rewrite functions
release tue/wed regardless

the low down

So I got most of the new sex system in, went to test it and there is a HUGE bug, for some reason i cant fathom its overwriting information on my main multidimensional array. I had to make considerable changes to several key functions to make the new system work the way i wanted it too, and after going through the code several times to find the culprit i gave up and decided to take a little break… this was last weekend.
This weekend i might have time, depends on if my friend calls back and wants me to do some electrical or not. Even if he does i should still have a little time to try to find the bug. Though the good news is once i find it, and make sure there isnt any other major bugs popping up, the game is ready for a release.

Again please note that this release the sex system is just very basic descriptions (ie: [name] had vag sex with [name]) – this will change as you guys find any other bugs i will start inputting all the descriptors.

in and out

I have been programming, though more in spurts. I have been trying to sit down and program for several hours at a time though for some reason my mind keeps going elsewhere… Im about 50% done the new sex coding and have tested small spurts of it which seems to be working – oh besides that i actually got the program to compile correctly and it seems to be working ok… not exactly perfectly though it is working… i will look for bugs on that after (or during) the new sex functions.

anyways my brain is mush right now, so im going to lay down and maybe sleep a bit.

programming interrupted

So yeah got a call saturday about an hour into programming, my brother-in-law and my niece were in an accident; thus saturday and sunday turned into family days.
Monday i was too tired from family and work to do anything.
Today though i have been in and out, programming whenever i can (kinda had to clean up a bit, was starting to look like a bachelor pad in here), tomorrow i think i am going to be free to do more. Thursday though is at least partially booked helping a friend x.x

anyways just giving an update and whats happening.

im programming

I got up late (good sleep though) and have WS infront of me
I have also added on the top bar several links to new pages which will be my repository for current progress and ideas.

anyways time to get rolling on WS

its only thursday?

god i dont feel well x.x and its only thursday x.x
oh well, looks like WS has gotta quite far ahead and will be the next game i update.
Between tueday and wednesday, there is only one thing I didnt get done, shopping for food, so i will do that today and when i get back i will do one last check on the votes and then start working on the winner.


9:47 pm

Worked on WS for about an hour, got a call from a friend, looked at clock and another hour had passed x.x went shopping, ate, worked another about hour, watched an episode of house, and am now going to bed


I am almost back

Been playing a little too many games as of late, saints row 4 is awesome as well as actually trying to beat skyrim (never got past the part where you had to recover the horn x.x), this weekend was a long weekend and i just got home from camping so I am taking the rest of the day to relax and clean/pack away my gear.
Either way im starting to get an itching to actually program again here and was wondering which game i should focus on. New poll is to the right.

sept 3rd 2013, 6am

wow only 22 hours and already 18 votes, not to bad since i havent released anything huge in awhile. Looks like WS is winning, though CoS isnt far behind. i have a few personal things to take care of tonight after work and a friend needs help tomorrow after work though that shouldnt take long, the rest of the week and weekend looks free and am really starting to itch to do another good round of programming :)